Economic Impact report available to the public

Media Statement

Economic Impact report available to the public

Contrary to reports regarding the absence of an economic impact assessment study, the
Durban Commonwealth Bid Committee wishes to place on record that the document “Economic Impact, 2022 Commonwealth Games, South Africa: Durban Host City” has been available on the Bid Committee’s website, since 2 March 2015, when Durban officially lodged its bid in London.

Amongst the key findings of the study, conducted by Ernst & Young, is that:

  • Investment in infrastructure for the Games is expected to contribute to the lasting benefits of the Host City. The added exposure to global markets will also provide opportunities to attract and enhance tourism and foreign direct investment. In total, the 2022 Commonwealth Games is expected to deliver up to R20 billion in output to the economy, translating into an estimated R11 billion GDP growth.
  • The hosting of the Games will create a wide range of opportunities across sectors and importantly for a variety of demographics of the population ranging from skilled to unskilled individuals. In addition to full-time employment, flexible jobs will be supported which may include part-time, contractor work prior to, during and post the Games.
  • It is estimated that approximately 1.3 million tickets to events, will be sold over an 11 day period at affordable average prices as well as entrance fees to fan parks, contributing significantly to direct revenues. In order to promote the Games legacy and bring together foreign and local people, ticket prices to events as well as fan parks will be carefully determined to support this legacy.
  • Positive revenue impact across all sectors will be derived as a result of increased economic activity prior to, during and post the Games including the construction, hospitality and entertainment, accommodation, food and beverage, safety and security, transportation services, tourism as well other commercial and public sectors either directly or indirectly.
  • It is estimated that 7 300 athletes, 1 000 technical officials as well as their families and other supporters will visit and tour the country prior to, during and post the Games, contributing to the national fiscal. The Games will contribute significantly to the overall tourism within the city of Durban, which will support Durban to evolve into the tourist hub that showcases South Africa.

The Commonwealth Bid Committee once again reiterates that this comprehensive economic report of hosting the Games in 2022 provides adequate information to all South Africans who are supportive of the Games. The Executive Summary of the bid documents are also available on the website and can be download. Members of the public are urged to familiarize themselves with the bid process and to get an understanding on how they can get involved in the lead-up to the Games and also during the period of the Games in 2022.

Tubby Reddy
Ceo: Bid Committee

Written by Media Team